Harmonious Place

Participatory music sessions for people living with dementia

Our Participatory Music Groups

We are offering participatory music groups for people with dementia, joint-facilitated by musician John Phillips and artist Emma Ainsley lasting 1 1/2  hours, for up to 20 participants.  These are open door groups, allowing participants to choose their level of engagement - enabling people, for instance, to wander in and out of the sessions or take a more peripheral observer role if they want.  Or, of course, to grab an instrument or a scarf and join right in.


We have a wide range of instruments and percussion to suit all abilities, so everyone can join-in, and instruments can be adapted to enable access - for instance for people with poor grip or low strength.  We tune all the melodic instruments to the pentatonic scale, ensuring that the group  make a harmonious sound together.


These are experience-focused group sessions, all about creating live music together in the moment.  They offer a rich sensory experience - with colourful gently moving lights and with Emma leading movement and dance with colourful silk scarves, to add to the beautiful music we will all be making together.




     The benefits


  • Realising the individual's creative potential by enabling them to use and discover new skills.


  • Enhancing community and social connection through shared creative expression.


  • Holistic stimulation - physically, mentally, socially and creatively with sessions facilitated to achieve the right balance of stimulation to be engaging and enjoyable for people with dementia.


  • Inclusive and accessible to all.


  • Improved feelings of well-being ... because it's so much fun to make music together.





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