Making our co-creation tools

time for some tools

We’ve been developing some tools to enable folk to participate in our upcoming sessions.  We want the sessions to be fun and engaging and to encourage play and exploration of the visual and audio elements of the theme.  From our perspective, we want to gather the visual and audio material that we’ll be taking forward to develop the video soundscape.

John using the collage board


Go collage Mr Phillips – we’ve made two large repositionable collage theme boards to help us to get going on the visuals.  Thcollage elementse boards will be sprayed with repositionable mount, so things won’t just slide around but can be easily re positioned on the board.  I’ve been gleaning images from (charity shop) books, figurative elements, but also with a strong focus on colour and texture.  The images are mounted on card, giving them more substance (and making them one-sided).  I’m also cutting some basic shapes out of coloured card and acetate, to allow more possibilities.  I like the way the acetate enables layering.

acetate for word board

We’ll also have some clear acetate slips to hand and permanent coloured markers for ad-hoc symbol and word drawing.  Although we want the video to have a non-narrative focus and to avoid the use of words, we don’t want to restrict how people may want to express their ideas in the group.  We’ve made two smaller boards that could be used for word-based ideas or maybe to explore one visual aspect in a more focused way.


Bringing on the audio – We’ve got our MIDI keyboard set-up to play samples through an app on the IPad.  I love the immediacy of this, and it’s funny.  We’ve chosen some samples to get started, but I’m hopeful that participants will be keen to identify other sounds that evoke the theme for them.

blue turntable


And, of course, the music – John’s got a pile of instrumental vinyl (some extremely cheesy) to share and he’ll be using the keyboard, through Cubasis, to be able to play some tunes in different instrument voices.  We’re also finding things that make interesting noises when handled for our sound bag.


We can’t wait to see how this all works and what we end-up making through our co-creations.  We’ve got our first sessions coming up later this month . . . so watch this space for updates!


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