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A new project for 2018


This project, making video soundscapes for people with dementia, has been bubbling away for a few months now.  The video above is the first sample piece we made while starting to think about how the videos may look; it has no particular theme, it was really more about playing with visuals, sound and music to get a feel for how things could look and sound.

We’ve moved on quite a bit in our thinking on the approach we should take with the project, since making the initial video.  It quickly started to feel wrong to just hole-up in the studio and make videos for people with dementia, and we’re now focusing on taking a co-creation approach to making the pieces.  We want to work alongside people with dementia to co-create the work, ensuring that they have a meaningful input into the selection of themes, visuals and audio elements, and into the development of the video-sound works.  We start our first three-week block of sessions next month, alongside two groups of care home residents in Dundee.

We plan to work with several groups during this initial year of the project, energetically, hopefully and playfully figuring out how it will all come together as we go along.  We’ve been busy getting together some tools to help participants to engage and get involved (more on those in future posts).  We’ll be using this blog space for updates on the process of getting this project up and flying.  Watch this space . . .


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